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Name : Pankaj A Motreja
Date of Birth : 29th day of August 1982
Sex : Male
Father�s Name : Amarlal K Motreja
Address : 399, 2nd Main, 5th Cross,
Gokulam - III Stage,
Mysore - 570 002
Email id : [email protected]
Telephone : +91 0821 2510666
Lingual Capabilities : Read, write and speak English and Hindi. Speak Sindhi and Kannada

Educational Qualifications :

Course Institution Board Duration of the Course Percentage Obtained
C.B.S.E St. Joseph�s Central School A.I.S.S.E (CBSE) 1988 - 1998 81 %
P.U.C Mahajana Pre-University College Karnataka P.U. Board 1998 - 2000 67 %
B.E (Info Science)Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering Visveswaraiah Technological University 2000 - Present 73.15 %

Provided below are the marks secured in the past six semesters:

Semester Percentage Obtained
I 73.4 %
II 63.0 %
III78.9 %
IV 77.0 %
V 71.3 %
VI 75.3 %
Aggregate73.15 %

Computer Skill set:

Programming languages: C, C++, SQL, VB, HTML,Perl-CGI,Java.
Platforms: DOS, Windows, Unix, Linux
Assembly Level Programming : Intel 8086, Microchip PIC assembler

Projects Undertaken:

  1. Hand Held Video Game
    Description : An embedded system (hand held gaming device) implemented using the PIC 16F84A microcontroller.
    Programming Language : Microchip PIC Assembler
    Skills Developed : Digital circuit design, Microchip PIC assembler

  2. HashKey
    Description : A student record database implemented with Extendible Hashing which finds a hashed record with at most 2 read accesses.
    Programming Language : C++
    Skills Developed : OOP, File Structures design, Interface design.

  3. Car Rental Management
    Description : A front desk data entry software to manage the booking of vehicles in a car rental agency considering booking date conflicts.
    Programming Language : VB, SQL (Oracle 8i)
    Skills Developed : Database design, Front-end interface design.

  4. EditX
    Description : GUI (text based) text editor written entirely in Intel 8086 assembler.
    Programming Language : Intel 8086 Assembler.
    Skills Developed : Assembly Level Programming, Interface design

  5. ASG (Another Stupid Game)
    Description : Car race simulation game. Included development of a library of functions for handling text based graphics in C.
    Programming Language : C / C++
    Skills Developed : Collision Detection and Timing Algorithm design

  6. AC/DC
    Description : A DC power supply unit with user settable output voltage (in the range of 0-24V) and three regulated preset voltages (5V, 9V, 12V).
    Skills Developed : Circuit design, soldering

  7. Parallel Port Tester
    Description : A hard-wired circuit and software (written in C) to test the Data, Status and Control ports of a Standard Parallel Port.
    Programming Language : C
    Skills Developed : Circuit design, Port I/O at hardware and software levels

  8. Dungeons and Dragons
    Description : An interactive game which employs the Multi-Thread and Graphics features of Java
    Programming Language : Java
    Skills Developed : Java graphics & multi-thread programming.

  9. Audio Streaming
    Description : A Client-Server system to provide for the streaming of MP3 Audio files over a network, using UDP for transfer of data. The project involved developing an application layer protocol for control information (over TCP).
    Programming Language : C (Linux)
    Skills Developed : Protocol design and development, Linux system calls.

  10. Web Forum Service
    Description : A website which allows users to post queries and replies.
    Programming Language : Perl-CGI
    Skills Developed : Internet programming, Website design.

Extracurricular Activities:

  1. Main organizer for the annual college cultural fest, VIDYUTH for the year 2003

  2. Member of the Organization Committee and Poster design committee, for the college�s annual cultural fest, VIDYUTH, for the years 2001 and 2003.

  3. Represented the college in the state-level VTU Fest for the academic year 2002- 2003

  4. Member of the Cultural Committee of Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering for the period 2001-2003.

  5. Participated in competitions and won many prizes in various college fests held in Mysore for competitions like Dumb Charades, Skit, Mad Ads, Movie Spoof, Western Music Competition etc.

  6. Member of ACCESS (Computer Science & Information Science Department committee) for the academic year 2001-2002

  7. Co-Founder of Next Step, a self help group aimed at improving leadership and communication skills with an impetus on job placement.

  8. Co-Founder and editor of �The Communique�, class newsletter during the period 1996-1997

  9. Member of the college Rock band (Rhythm and Bass Guitar)

Other Achievements:

  1. Attended FEEL - Human Resource Development Program conducted by �Center for Leadership and Human Resource Development (CLHRD) �, Mangalore.

  2. Design & Editing of a short audio/video clip which was screened as part of the World Environment Day Celebrations 2002 in college.

  3. Received a certificate for academic excellence from St. Joseph�s Central School for the year 1994-1995

  4. Acquired a distinction in the �C/C++ Programming� course at Yashas Softech, Mysore in the year 2000


Biking, music (Guitar), reading, theatre, photo editing, numismatics, philately.

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