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Hardware and Software system design

Hand Held Video Game
Description : An embedded system (hand held gaming device) implemented using the PIC 16F84A microcontroller.
Programming Language : Microchip PIC Assembler
Skills Developed : Digital circuit design, Microchip PIC assembler
Parallel Port Tester
Description : A hard-wired circuit and software (written in C) to test the Data, Status and Control ports of a Standard Parallel Port.
Programming Language : C
Skills Developed : Circuit design, Port I/O at hardware and software levels.

Software system design

Description : A student record database implemented with Extendible Hashing which finds a hashed record with at most 2 read accesses.
Programming Language : C++
Skills Developed : OOP, File Structures design, Interface design.
Car Rental Management
Description : A front desk data entry software to manage the booking of vehicles in a car rental agency considering booking date conflicts.
Programming Language : VB, SQL (Oracle 8i)
Skills Developed : Database design, Front-end interface design.
Description : GUI (text based) text editor written entirely in Intel 8086 assembler.
Programming Language : Intel 8086 Assembler.
Skills Developed : Assembly Level Programming, Interface design.
ASG (Another Stupid Game)
Description : Car race simulation game. Included development of a library of functions for handling text based graphics in C.
Programming Language : C / C++
Skills Developed : Collision Detection and Timing Algorithm design.
Dungeons and Dragons
Description : An interactive game which employs the Multi-Thread and Graphics features of Java
Programming Language : Java
Skills Developed : Java graphics & multi-thread programming.
Audio Streaming
Description : A Client-Server system to provide for the streaming of MP3 Audio files over a network, using UDP for transfer of data. The project involved developing an application layer protocol for control information (over TCP).
Programming Language : C (Linux)
Skills Developed : Protocol design and development, Linux system calls.
Web Forum Service
Description : A website which allows users to post queries and replies.
Programming Language : Perl-CGI
Skills Developed : Internet programming, Website design.

Hardware system design

Description : A DC power supply unit with user settable output voltage (in the range of 0-24V) and three regulated preset voltages (5V, 9V, 12V).
Skills Developed : Circuit design, soldering.

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